One of Levon’s key objectives is to bring a new and long-lived mining district to the Cordero region with many years of prosperity. We also know that we are visitors here. That’s why we take great pride in being a supportive and active member of the community. Our operation relies on local ranchers, suppliers, contractors and service providers in the nearby town of Hidalgo del Parral. We enjoy celebrating with our neighbors on occasion and host traditional Mexican fiestas under the mesquite trees with our entire crew, the ranchers and their families included.


We share the land with a wide variety of wildlife, plants and sources of water. We understand that anything we do here, from prospecting to drilling, from road building to construction, impacts the environment to some extent. Our mandate is to disrupt the environment as little as possible and to return the land to as close to its original state as possible. At all times we adhere to, and attempt to exceed, standards issued by the Mexican Environmental and Natural Resources Authority (SEMARNAT) and the Mexican Environmental Protection Authority (PROFEPA).


Above all, the people of Levon Resources represent the most important asset. We are committed to ensuring our employees have safe working conditions and also the empowerment to grow in their careers. We value and reward innovation, teamwork and a commitment to safe working practices.