Puerto Rico


About the Puerto Rico project: 

The Puerto Rico project is a large, multi-target carbonate replacement (CRD) silver-zinc-lead mining district that has historically produced approximately one million tonnes of shallow, high-grade, direct-shipping ore. There has been no modern exploration or drilling carried out at Puerto Rico. Discovery Metals controls approximately 350 square-km of mineral rights covering a 6km long trend of historic mines with hydrothermal alteration, as well as prospective structural extensions of known mineralization on the Puerto Rico project. The project is currently in the drill-permitting process.  Three historic mines comprise the project: the Puerto Rico Mine, the San Jose Mine, and the Zaragoza Mine.

About the Puerto Rico Mine (PRM): 

The PRM hosts approximately 650m of underground drifts and stopes over three levels that span a vertical extent of 60m and cover a horizontal extent of approximately 200m (strike) by 30m (width) in a northwesterly direction. The underground workings (from bottom to top: Haulage, Stairs, and Upper Levels) are host to strongly mineralized Ag-Pb-Zn mantos and chimneys. Several mantos are well exposed in the underground workings, where they follow bedding in flat-lying to gently folded strata, and locally step across limestone beds. The mineralized vertical faults and fracture zones and are considered chimneys and extend between mine levels.

About the San Jose Mine (SJM):

The SJM Jose contains approximately 630m of underground drifts and stopes over four levels (from bottom to top: the Chuyon, Haulage, Rope and Upper levels) that span an approximate vertical extent of 50m and cover a horizontal extent of approximately 80m by 80m. All four levels host strongly mineralized mantos, chimneys and faults. 

About the Zaragoza Mine (ZGM):

Based on Discovery’s recent work, Zaragoza is estimated to contain approximately 330m of developed underground drifts and stopes over three levels (250m accessible), known as the Chica, Grande, and Lower levels. The underground workings cover an approximate strike and width of 100m and 80m respectively, and appear to be open in all directions for further exploration.

Recent News Releases

April 25, 2019
Discovery Metals Amends Terms of Puerto Rico Option Agreement and Signs 30-Year Exploration and Mining Agreement with Ejido

April 3, 2019
Discovery Advances to Final Stages of Land Re-Designation Process at its Puerto Rico Project

September 27, 2018
Discovery Samples Multiple High-Grade Mantos and Chimneys Over 3 Levels at the Puerto Rico Mine, Puerto Rico Project

August 23, 2018
Discovery Identifies Multiple High-Grade Chimneys and Mantos at the San Jose Mine, Puerto Rico Project

July 18, 2018
Discovery Returns Strongest Grades to Date from its Puerto Rico Project Channel Sampling Program

June 20, 2018
Discovery Returns Highest Zinc Values and Average Manto Grades to Date From Newly Sampled Zaragoza Lower Level at Puerto Rico

May 24, 2018
Discovery Metals Reports Additional High-Grade Channel Samples from Puerto Rico Project, Averaging 182 g/t Silver, 8.6% Zinc And 3.0% Lead in Manto Mineralization Across Zaragoza Grande Level

April 30, 2018
Discovery Metals Returns an Average of 157 g/t Silver + 11.7% Zinc+Lead in Mantos Across Two Levels at the Historic Zaragoza Mine, Puerto Rico Project

November 7, 2017
Discovery Metals Announces High-Grade Channel Sample Results from Puerto Rico Project

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Puerto Rico 43-101 Technical Report ( June 12, 2017)

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